What is Osteomyology?

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In treating the symptoms, osteomyology treatment focuses on the root cause of the condition so that the symptoms abate and reoccurence is prevented where possible. In effect, the body is treated as a whole making the treatment particularly effective. Osteomyologists, being qualified in a variety of techniques, leads to a multi-disciplined practitioner therefore with more 'tools' at their disposal, are better able to help with your condition - Osteomyologists are the leaders in body mechanics.

At the first visit a full medical history will be taken, then an examination will determine the 'root' cause of the problem and if treatment is appropriate this will follow. The number of treatments required will be dependent on your presenting condition.

All osteomyologists are expected to provide a high standard of clinical competence within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We have recently re-validated by attending a series of Complete Clinical Competence seminars and examined. All re-validated Osteomyologists should carry the title 'Lic.Ost'.

Osteomyologists are all trained to a high standard in the practices of manual medical disciplines, and before entry onto the Register is made official, their degree qualifications are rigorously checked. They all have, at least, one or more degree status qualifications which form the basic foundation of their Osteomyology entry. Their qualifications and current insurance status makes them Registered Osteomyologists. This means their names are entered onto an official roll and Register required by law for the use of their protected title 'Osteomyologist'.

Osteomyologists are governed and disciplined by a group of Committees which receive and investigate any complaints from the public and their peers. They are required to continue their professional training by attending CPD (continuing professional development). These are mandatory, and a required amount of hours are devoted to reflective practice and furthering their professional skills.

Osteomyology puts aside the usual 'tunnel vision' of rigidly trained philosophies. It allows the practitioner to switch seamlessly from one bodywork protocol to another and even combining some methods together. This way the practitioner is never defeated as his armory is limitless. Neither is Osteomyology, as some people are led to believe, a combination of other peoples' favourite techniques, but a totally different protocol, a mingling and changing of the old, plus the new, to develop a form, up until now, undiscovered.

To quote an example: If one had been taught a method/technique, and then combined this teaching with other method/techniques, and possibly still yet another, together they form a totally different concept to their origins and the way of performing these methods, becomes in itself, unique to Osteomyologists, and in view of the success rating percentage our practitioners enjoy, is endorsed by speedy patient recovery.

Osteomyology can experienced by anyone in the normal course of their life, and can bring help and comfort to patients suffering from a range of conditions. It does not necessarily mean that it is a cure for such conditions, but as a hands-on natural form of healing, can support and help an individual and can be coupled with other forms of treatment.

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