Origins and ethos of Osteomyology

Due to the disharmony within the chiropractic and osteopathic professions, a group of qualified health care professionals formed a unique association whereby different Practitioners starting from various directions, joined together with one ideal in mind - interchanging of treatment and protocols to create the ultimate Therapist.

The Association of Osteomyologists was formed back in 1992 as an umbrella organisation to bring together like minded Professional Practitioners who already hold qualifications of degree status and wished to have a higher level of expertise. Both the Registrar and Chairman had, as a concept, the joining together of groups of Professionals with similar ambitions in mind, that being, the exchanging of skills and inter-relating of treatment techniques, proven to be effective, individually, in their various practices.

The wording of our profession is Osteomyology or Neurosteomyology, which is a term defined either to mean the study of bone and muscle, or the study of the nervous system, bone and muscle. When put together as Osteomyology, it defines a method of safely treating and healing patients using many and varied safe protocols.

The Osteomyology Association has bought together disciplines discovered and refined by some of the world's greatest manual medical practitioners and combined them to produce and mould to their own specific philosophy.

Therefore, the Osteomyology Association is a force to create principle based change and improved health care for the benefit of the health professionals and most importantly, members of the public.

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