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Why Orthotics?

Your feet have a direct impact on the rest of the weight bearing joints. Like the foundation of a building, your feet support the weight of your body. When small problems develop in your feet, a subtle change in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of mal-adjustment in your other joints, adversely impacting your posture and walking mechanics. The creation of abnormal stress in these joints can lead to even worse problems, such as strain to the ligaments, tendons and muscles that support the weight bearing joints. This ultimately causes pain.

Custom Orthotics and Costs

"Look after your feet and they will look after you!"

Do you have:

Low back or sacro-iliac pain?
Muscle pain, tension or spasm?
Shin splints / calf pain?
Pain and grinding in the knee?
Foot arch pain?
Bunions or other foot pain?
Symptoms that are worse with standing, walking or running?
Symptoms that are not responding to rest and stretching?

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If YES – then you may be a candidate for gait analysis using GaitScan technology, and the prescription of custom foot orthotics to ease your condition and improve function.
Your feet, knees, hips and spine are in constant demand throughout the day under the pressure of gravity. Foot structure is the foundation of support in the body whilst under this stress. Your practitioner is trained to look at how the spinal joints are affected by your foot function.
This is called “assessment of the Kinetic Chain”, and this identifies the underlying cause of joint pain and dysfunction.

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Step 1: Our biomechanical specialist, will record some anatomical and postural observations. He will have you walk across the GaitScan pressure plate to assess the dynamic movement of your foot whilst walking. A static result with you standing on the pressure plate will also be assessed. He will then print the reports of the results of the scan for you to take with you.

Step 2:
The specialist, will then perform a more detailed physical examination regarding posture, foot function, leg length and other relevant assessments. This examination will be compared to the GaitScan report, and the findings will be discussed with you. He will then make recommendations regarding the type of orthotics that are best for you and your individual foot type and foot wear.

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Step 3:
After having all of your questions answered, and you decide to choose to include custom orthotics in your care plan, you purchase the orthotics and an order is placed. The data from your GaitScan and the physical examination findings are sent to the laboratory via the internet. The orthotics are manufactured to the prescribed specifications and they are returned to the clinic.

This process takes approximately 21 days. You schedule for a fitting visit where the orthotics are fitted to your shoes, and evaluated to be sure they are working well. You are then on your way to a faster and better recovery from your condition.

Gait Scan & Custom Orthotic Costs

Gait Scan Assessment £65.00
Custom Orthotics (1 pair incl. fitting) £225.00
Additional pairs of Orthotics £175.00 per pair (if ordered with 1st pair)

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